After months of applying, interviewing and even working a job I don’t want, I am so happy to report good news since you developed my new resume. Last Nov, I connected with a high school classmate on LinkedIn. In Jan, she did an employee referral for me for 2 positions (1 with her Director and a similar position with a close Director) in her area. I finally had my interview for the 2 positions last Wed. HR called me Thurs evening to offer me the position working with my classmate under the same Director paying me almost $14,000 more than my current job. After consideration, I responded with a counteroffer email advocating for my additional technical skills and how they would allow me to be instrumental in some of the database related projects that were mentioned in the interview. At first I was going to request just enough to get me to $15,000 more ($1,472 more) than my current job as I had done my research and knew that the pay was representative of the market for the skills and requirements. In the end, I left it open and just asked that they consider a higher offer that would represent the additional skills I would be bringing. They responded with a final offer $3,000 more which equals almost $17,000 more than my current job. My God!

The position is a Product Administrator Associate with the TOEFL (test of English as a Foreign Language) program at Educational Testing Service (they administer SATs, PRAXIS, GRE, GMAT, etc). This position will allow me to develop greater project management skills and international business skills. There is some User Acceptance Testing, technical support and database management which will work my technical skills (although the job did not specifically require technical skills).

The position is a NEW position and there were no preferred candidates. Ok I’m done. I wrote a book. I just really wanted to relay how much God used you to bless me. I am so thankful for your services and have so much love for you. I really have to end this now before I start shouting here at work. God Bless You!!!!!!


“One year ago April 2015, I accepted an offer for new opportunity. All this was possible because of my professional resume. Compliments of Author-Claudia Samuels Newton!”

M Stinson,

“OMG, I sound so fabulous! Thank you so very much. My resume is amazing! The only person I am going to have look over this draft is my mom but all the info seems really good and accurate and I really want to get a copy of my resume to this job I have a lead on. I feel so confident now. So we can definitely move forward. Thank you so much. I am going to refer you to everybody. Let me know if you need anything else. I will check my email often and get back to you right away. Excited!”

Jessica H,

“Rewarding Resumes is simply BEST in class. I have used Rewarding Resumes twice in the last five years. Once was to convert my military accomplishments to civilian experience and most recently to update with current experience. Claudia has a way with words that is truly a gift. Even in the current state of economic uncertainty, each time I have used Rewarding Resume, I have been able to secure multiple interviews, offers and advance my career. Thank you Claudia, may God bless you.”

John C,