In this uncertain economic climate with high unemployment, I discovered that my plain old resume or just an application was not enough to even land me an interview. I desperately needed something to put me ahead of the competition. I also lacked the connections inside of the organizations to where I was applying for jobs. My prospects drastically changed when REWARDING RESUME SERVICES re-wrote my resume. I was finally in a position to choose between many job offers. Now that is a rewarding result!

Anthony A., Elgin, SC

When I presented Rewarding Resume service with my bare bones and experience, a miracle occurred. My words, phrases, and usage were inadequate and never got results. Ms. Newton took nothing and created a beautiful, more importantly effective resume. In return for a reasonable fee, I received a completely revised summary of my own work history. Ms. Newton even submitted my resume faithfully to numerous companies for several positions that I matched qualifications for. Her certification and experience in Human Resources allowed her to interpret what employers needed to see and present my skills. Then the best thing happened, I was contacted and interviewed by one of the largest government contracted insurance agencies in the U.S. and was hired!

Jennifer W., Columbia, SC

Rewarding Resume Service is BRILLIANT!!

When I got in touch with Ms. Claudia Newton, I explained to her I was interested in a career change but my resume was not compatible towards the jobs that I was applying for! She took my resume with a fine tooth comb and groomed it to reflect the career path that I was interested in. She did not add any lies to my profile. Instead she used the correct adjectives and critical skills that would "grab" the attention of the hiring manager to choose me first before other applicants. To make a long story short, within 1 day I was called to attend a interview. The secretary dropped a hint and told me not to worry about the interview that I already had the job based on my level of expertise that my resume has demonstrated! The hiring manager was more concerned with if I would accept the offer! Thanks to Rewarding Resume Services, for making it possible for such a golden opportunity to fall into my lap!

Natalie, Northern Virginia