Our Process


Our Business is Getting You Interviews

Our Process

  • 1.Complete and Submit the Resume-building Questionnaire and Request Telephone Consultation if Necessary. Pay in full. After you place your order for service, the next step is to complete and submit our detailed, information mining resume/cv building questionnaire. While some clients submit old resumes to us by e-mail attachment, we still require you to submit the questionnaire as well. We have found that our questionnaire is an instrumental tool for you to brainstorm and put your ACHIEVEMENTS on paper. Do not attempt to complete the questionnaire as if you are writing your own resume. Leave that part to us. Just be sure to answer all relevant questions as thoroughly as possible. If you need us to call you and help you complete your questionnaire by phone, we will do this at no extra charge.

    The questionnaire provides an option where you can request a telephone consultation if you desire. This consultation is FREE of charge. Some of our clients would like to talk to the resume writer before the process begins. Others do not. The option is left up to you and we respect your preference. Rest assured that your resume writer will contact you by your preferred communication method if questions arise.

  • 2.Resume/CV/Cover Letter Prepared By Resume WriterYour resume writer will use your completed questionnaire and any other information you have provided by e-mail or phone to develop a strategy for writing your resume. The strategy used will be based on your special needs (gaps in your resume, no degree, limited work experience, career change, recent graduate etc.) or other circumstances.

    Using our strategy and knowledge of your industry, we use your past experience, accomplishments, and desired objectives to craft a powerful career marketing tool. In addition, we incorporate industry-specific keywords that are necessary when your resume is being stored in databases being researched by recruiters and other employers.

  • 3.Resume Draft is E-mailed within 5 – 7 Business Days (Rush services are available but not guaranteed) Within 5 – 7 business days (does not include Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays), we will e-mail you a draft of your document for you to review. You have the opportunity to add and / or change anything you wish. The bottom line is we want you to be comfortable with your document. You will be allowed three rounds of revisions. Subsequent edits will incur additional charges.
  • 4.Final Copy Is Sent To You We send you the final presentation format document that is complete with all your recommendations and desired changes.

    At no additional charge, we send you a PDF format of your resume as well.
    We will ask that you confirm 100% satisfaction and require no extra work.
  • 5.You Own Your Resume Upon receiving your email of 100% satisfaction, you now own your resume and are free to save all your documents on a hard drive. If you ever lose your file, we will provide you with a MS Word copy free of charge.