Free Resume Critique


Do the Following Phrases Somewhat Describe Your Resume?

  • Difficult to follow
  • Unorganized and confusing
  • Reads like you copied your job description
  • Long and wordy suggesting that more information makes a better impression
  • Unable to pinpoint your accomplishments
  • Full of incomprehensible data, acronyms, and jargon
  • Full of bad grammar, mixed tenses, and typographical errors
  • Presents duties you did twenty years ago, not in line with your current career path
  • Includes duties you hated at former jobs
  • Begins with generalized objectives used by everyone on the planet
  • Contains a summary of qualifications that says nothing about your skills
  • States References are Available Upon Request
  • Has a List of References at the end
  • List your hobbies and extracurricular activities that have nothing to do with your career objectives
  • Written in the first person

If you answered yes to any of the above questions or if you are unsure of the answer, then you should get your resume critiqued by a professional resume writer.

Send us your resume/CV to get a free critique and price quote to have it professionally written, if necessary. If you’re sending out your resume/CV and are getting results, then you do not have a problem and may not need to contact us. However, if you are not obtaining results, and your phone is NOT ringing the way you think it should after submitting your resume, then you need to send your resume to us ASAP! If we think it is ok, we will let you know. Some people can take the critique and make adjustments. That is fine with us. But we will not give a second critique on your self-revised resume. We have other people to serve. If you think you need a free critique, send your resume to no later than today.

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