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Resume SpiderNow that we have completed your resume or if you already have a winning resume, it’s time to market yourself. This goes beyond responding to job ads or putting your resume on websites. I’m talking about networking. Most people start with their family, friends and close colleagues. However, they soon find this list is exhausted quickly and then reduce their networking efforts. You know exactly what I am saying.

I would like to turn you on to ResumeSpider is a common-

sense approach to list building and networking. You should be doing this on your own.

All you need to do is call every company, find out if they hire your profile, get a contact

name, phone number and email address. Unfortunately this project can take weeks or

months with our own effort. ResumeSpider offers a proven time saving approach to

this strategy. Your time is worth something!

ResumeSpider assists you by producing targeted leads and emailing your profile to

matching ResumeSpider member companies. Member companies consist of verified,

direct hiring employers and recruiting firms that are registered at ResumeSpider to

receive resumes. Every Career Seeker is matched to member companies based on

their job functions, industries and geographic locations.

Summary of Benefits to you:

  1. TIME SAVINGS. This approach will save you countless hours of research time in

    creating a similar list.

  2. UNADVERTISED JOBS. In addition, ResumeSpider can add tremendous value to your

    networking strategy by getting access to the unadvertised jobs that many recruiting

    firms boast.

  3. RELEVANT CONTACTS. Many employers are turning to ResumeSpider to receive

    targeted resumes due to the increasing cost of job board access and advertising; thus

    getting you access to more relevant hiring contacts.

To see the details related to YOUR needs, Go to and click on the big red "Run Search Now!

Click Here To Sign Up" button then select your categories and click "Get Results". You

will then get to view your actual list of companies and contacts. No personal

information is required to see this list. Set up a demo account first and review your

actual list. Then you can upgrade and get 10% off by using promo code 172090.

If you have any questions, you can reach them at 888-737-8635 and

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