Interview Wonders and Blunders: What Not to Do If You Want to Get Hired

Columbia, SC-2013 – Claudia Samuels Newton taught thousands of employees and new college graduates how to navigate through the sometimes daunting world of work in her first book: Career Wonders and Blunders: If I Knew Then, What I Know Now. Using her over 25 years of experience working in Corporate America, her management background, and her work as a career expert, she tells employees how to prepare for and ace interviews to achieve the job of their dreams in a new publication, Interview Wonders and Blunders: What Not to Do if You Want to Get Hired.

Interview Wonders and Blunders: What Not to Do if You Want to Get Hired, details the dos and don’ts of interviewing. It also propels interviewees into the minds of the people they will be sitting before to be interviewed by. Samuels Newton provides interviewees with the preparation techniques and insider secrets told directly to her by hiring managers and shares their interview styles and approaches. She introduces readers to curve-ball questions that they may least expect and advises them how to answer them as well. Whether readers are looking for a job outside of their company or pursuing an internal position, they will want to refer to this book each time they get invited for a job interview.

In the tradition of her first work, Samuels Newton provides real stories of wonders and blunders from both interviewees and hiring manager interviewers that will make readers shake their heads in amazement. Filled with Samuel Newton’s own experience and advice, and complete with tools, affirmations, and resources, the book covers the most important aspects of job interviewing that readers will need to know:

  • What a job interview is and what it is not
  • How managers prepare to interview you
  • What you should do to prepare for your interview
  • How being over-prepared can hurt your chances of being hired
  • Interview styles and approaches
  • What to do and not to do on your interview day
  • How social media can wreak havoc in your job quest
  • How to deal with rejection

Every interviewee must read this practical book written in easy to understand language and full of internal advice from interviewers on how they prepare for interviews. The experiences of wonders and blunders from both interviewers and interviewees are sometimes hilarious but are real! After reading, interviewees will enter the interview arena with a high level of confidence to contend for the job of their dreams!

Career Wonders and Blunders: If I Knew Then What I Know Now is a holistic career guide created for all workers.  It is great for entry-level workers including college students and graduates entering the workforce and also serves as a refresher for seasoned workers. After reading this book, you will be empowered on how to “work the workplace” before reality slaps you hard in the face. What better way is there to learn than from the experiences of others? While we have often heard that a person learns by doing, the experience of others can ultimately become the best teacher. Career Wonders and Blunders is the junction of preparation and opportunity. It is filled with the raw untouched experiences of hundreds of workers along with the author’s insights. The book also incorporates valuable advice from the leaders and CEOs of organizations like the ones at the companies where you will work. Graduates must learn sooner or later to deal with the topics in Career Wonders and Blunders including: managing the boss, adapting to workplace culture, networking, getting a mentor, and establishing value to get promoted. How about managing the stress of a new job and managing that first raise? After reading this book, the reader will acquire the knowledge and confidence needed to survive in the sometimes daunting world of work. This book will help workers to swim versus sinking. This candid guide has been praised by graduates, company executives, professors, career counselors, community leaders, and parents. It is certain to make an impact in the reader’s professional and personal life.

Words of Praise for Career Wonders and Blunders 

Career Wonders and Blunders is a comprehensive career guide with direct, concrete and basic advice for success in the first job and for positioning oneself for advancement.  The author identifies fundamental realities that this generation of new workers may not consider:  understanding the company culture, cultivating good work ethics, dealing with difficult bosses, navigating office politics, establishing value, choosing a mentor, networking, personal wellness to establishing a professional image. The book is honest and readable. It covers essential blunders (do not sleep on the job; do not call in sick when you are going to a ballgame). More interesting are the complex “wonders” (how do you evaluate a company culture? how do you successfully establish value?) that give a new employee insight into what he or she can do to be more effective.  Filled with personal stories and chock full of good advice, Career Wonders and Blunders is a great present to a new graduate or a new employee.

                                                                       Dr. Linda Salane, Executive Director

                                                               The Leadership Institute at Columbia College

“This book is a must read and an excellent resource in assisting graduates and others in preparing for career and employment opportunities, especially in a competitive and tight job market. Also, it provides practical insight in positioning oneself for career advancement and upward mobility.”

    ~~James T. McLawhorn, Jr.

President & CEO, Columbia Urban League, Inc.

“As a recruiter and HR Consultant, I am always looking for positive information to provide to newly hired employees and young people who come to me for advice on employment or career opportunities. Career Wonders and Blunders, If I Knew ThenWhat I Know Now serves as my recommended choice of reference. The checklist and the x-list at the end of each chapter serve as useful tools to gain better insight on each topic discussed in the book. There are tools available that will expose entry-level workers to a wealth of experiences and perspectives of successful executive leaders. This book is practical with holistic approaches to any array of topics that are not usually covered in books of this kind. I enthusiastically endorse Claudia Samuels Newton’s work and fresh insight of this book.”

                                      ~~Anthony Davis, Human Resources Consultant/Recruiter

                                                                                    BlueCross and BlueShield

“I believe that Career Wonders and Blunders can and will serve as a great career guide to help the college graduate and the community as well. This book will help graduates to become very successful; it explains everything in a way that you just can’t help but understand. Great advice is given through a very direct approach and it is as solid as a rock. With the information distributed throughout this book and the personal touch and experiences offered, readers will not want to put this book down and will find everything useful. Great work and a job well done, Ms. Newton! This is definitely something that all graduates entering the workforce should read!”

                                      ~~Jay K. Fields, Director of Career Planning and Placement

                                        Denmark Technical College

“I wholeheartedly endorse Career Wonders and Blunders. We’re in a new workplace paradigm. Basic workplace skills won’t do it. This new book lays out an easy to read yet, detailed plan of attack for every step for avoiding potential workplace problems. The insights and insider knowledge of the workplace establishes it as an indispensable tool for workers.”

                                     ~~Jason Broughton, Workforce Development Trainer, GCDF

      South Carolina State Library -Library Development Services

“Career Wonders and Blunders is what is needed in today’s fast-paced world. This book will not only help me, but my students as well, as they prepare to enter the workforce. The techniques mentioned, cater to all individuals regardless of the type of employment that they are seeking. I find the information that is supplied within the book to be useful towards ALL of my professional development. Kudos to Ms. Samuels-Newton!”

                                                                                     ~~Andrela Riley, MS, MBA

   Program Director/AHA Coordinator, Fortis College

“Bravo for Career Wonders and Blunders!  This is truly a book that has been launched in the right season.  Given the economic climate, people are looking for ways to ramp-up their profile and reinvent themselves professionally.  The time-tested principles outlined in Career Wonders and Blunders are sure to resonate with the audience and provide the tools needed for success.  I highly recommend this book for those who understand that excellence happens by choice…and not by chance.”

~~Michele Tapp Roseman, MA

Principal, Communication On Tapp

Career Wonders and Blunders is an easy to read career guide with real examples and mistakes people made at work that will make you wonder, “Did someone really do that?” Every college graduate should read this along with all the material they will receive on their first day of work. The personal “wonders” of the individuals in the book are insightful. After reading this book, recent graduates will have everything to gain the skills needed to excel at their first job and beyond.”

                              ~~Kirashae Graham, Class of 2013, Johnson C. Smith University