We Provide a Wide Range of Career Services

Free Resume Critique

Send us your resume/CV to get a free critique and price quote to have it professionally written, if necessary. If you’re sending out your resume/CV and are getting results, then you do not have a problem and may not need to contact us.  However, if you are not obtaining results, and your phone is NOT ringing the way you think it should after submitting your resume, then you need to send your resume to us ASAP! If we think it is ok, we will let you know. Some people can take the critique and make adjustments. That is fine with us. But we will not give a second critique on your self-revised resume. We have other people to serve. If you think you need a free critique, send your resume to no later than today.

Cover Letter Writing

Many hiring managers want you to send them a cover letter. Your cover letter serves as a personalized factor in the presentation of an otherwise essentially impersonal document, your resume.  The cover letter is presented as the item that markets you. It should grab the employer’s attention, generate interest, turn interest into desire, and ultimately into action. Let us help you stand out from the competition with an outstanding cover letter tailored to each job to which you apply.

Resume Writing

If any of the following phrases describe your resume, then you should contact us right away for a more powerful marketing tool:

  • Difficult to follow
  • Unorganized and confusing
  • Reads like you copied your job description
  • Long and wordy suggesting that more information makes a better impression
  • Unable to pinpoint your accomplishments and value to prospective employees
  • Full of incomprehensible data, acronyms, and jargon
  • Has bad grammar, wrong tense, and typographical errors
  • Presents duties you did over 10 years ago which are not in line with your current career path
  • Includes duties you hated at former jobs (emphasizes what you no longer want to do)
  • Begins with generalized objectives used by everyone on the planet
  • Contains a summary of qualifications that does not relate to your resume
  • States References are Available Upon Request at the end
  • Lists your hobbies and extracurricular activities that have nothing to do with your career objectives

Virtual Interview Coaching

Unsure of your career direction or feeling stagnant, let us help you to transform your career into one that evokes passion, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.

LinkedIn Profile Development

Ask us, how one of our clients was discovered by a head hunter through a LinkedIn profile that we developed. The client proceeded with the interview process and was offered a $20k raise overnight. The right buzz words in your LinkedIn profile will evoke the results you need to move ahead in your career. Call us today.

Career Resources

Order these valuable resources authored by Claudia that possess a wealth of information you will need during and after your job search. Within these publications, she unleashes over 20 years of experience and advice as a hiring manager in Corporate America. You can’t afford to be without these.