When I got in touch with Ms. Claudia Newton, I explained to her I was interested in a career change but my resume was not compatible towards the jobs that I was applying for! She took my resume with a fine tooth comb and groomed it to reflect the career path that I was interested in. She did not add any lies to my profile. Instead she used the correct adjectives and critical skills that would "grab" the attention of the hiring manager to choose me first before other applicants. To make a long story short, within 1 day I was called to attend a interview. The secretary dropped a hint and told me not to worry about the interview that I already had the job based on my level of expertise that my resume has demonstrated! The hiring manager was more concerned with if I would accept the offer! Thanks to Rewarding Resume Services, for making it possible for such a golden opportunity to fall into my lap!"
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Columbia, SC
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Dean M
Bronx, New York
"When my daughter was invited to participate in a national dance competition in New York, she was advised to take along a resume to present should she be invited to meet with any talent scouts. Writing a resume for an adult is difficult, but the challenge of composing something suitable for a 14-year old was daunting. The people at Rewarding Resume Services not only formatted my daughter's resume in a way that was attractive and eye-catching, but they also assisted me with choosing the appropriate information to represent her as a well-rounded, talented performer. We received several positive comments from the talent scouts concerning the resume and even received a second contact from a scout a month after the competition. I am grateful for the skills they so willingly shared!"
Cynthia B
South Carolina
"Claudia, your resume writing has done great things for me and I must thank you. I submitted my resume to the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles, CA. They called me for an interview, which went very well. Well guess what? I've been accepted for the Fall session beginning August. Thanks for the personal attention you gave me and a job well done."
Anna L
Montclair, NJ
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Gregory P
Queens, NY
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Jean D
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DeLeon M
New York, NY
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Washington, DC
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Kris P
Elizabeth, New Jersey
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Marcia R
Brooklyn, NY
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Twaina N
Newark, NJ
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T. Brown